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[poll] Should PoRo be a VIP? no/yes !

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[poll] Should PoRo be a VIP? no/yes !

[html] Should we make this player: musti123 aka poro a VIP Ü

This is him:

Vote yes or no, and post your reasons here. [/html]

[Image: 76561197980478293.png]
Coz I think that he really wants to b an admin so at least we can give him a chance.
I pressed Yes because, I know he is pretty activity on server. More admins = Less cheaters.
[html] Ill say he's a player who doesn't cheat.

Plays alot.

Loves to play cs.

Wants to be admin so bad.


And A Good Friend So let's give him a chance Regular_smile [/html]
[html] Great player helpfull and friendly i definitely voted YES! [/html]
[html] Now he is banned. Pro Jape. is also banned. Hiireke banned them both.

He banned PoRo because he tested if the money giving system works and gave hinmself some money. Hiireke flipped out like a rhino in a swimming pool and banned him without warning.

Next, Jape makes a vote, change level to de_dust2?Most people say yes, while 2-4 people say no, including Hiireke. Map changes to Dust 2 and Hiireke flips out again and bans Jape.
Come on Hiireke, grow up... take off his admin powers. [/html]
[html] PoRo is a pointless admin, he doesent know how to do anything and so on. And why there are plugins if they dont work ?lol test test, if he wants to test something let him do that after midnight when server is empty, And about Jape admins have to be neutral not like jape, every time some finnish friend tells him oh i dont like map he changes it, and i did push vote DD2 yes too coz i happened to switch weapons at that time so what?There hasnt been any maps we could play full 20 mins when jape is online... and that is annoying get that?And jape you poor noob, IF YOU DO VOTE YOU LET TO FINISH THE ROUND AND DONT CHANGE IT IN THE MIDDLE OF FIGHTING GET THAT?[/html]
[html] I agree what Hiireke said... [/html]

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