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digifest Gather Rules

Choose Your Game

  • GTA V

  • Battlefield

  • MadMax - FuryRoad

  • Mass Effect

  • Need For Speed

  • Call Of Duty

  • Halo

  • Star Wars

  • Just Cause

  • Far Cry

  • Crysis

  • LOTR

  • DOTA

  • Minecraft

  • TitanFall

  • Assassins Creed

  • The Witcher

  • Metal Gear Solid

  • Half Life

  • Street Fighter

digifest Gather Rules

Read the rules twice and please follow them.
If for some reason you still have questions - ask them here and only here!
Why?So others could also learn from that.

NB !!! Use English or Estonian when talking to admins or requesting games (forum and irc)

Just make a new thread with a proper title and post everything you need to know.
And yes you must register, so we can avoid spammers.. if you log in with Facebook - it won't post anything anywhere and you can still choose a nick for yourself.

Our channel is
#digifest.gather for cs 1.6 and for CSS

(These rules are from chillgater - modified for digifest, credits to them)

Map list for #digifest.gather is: de_nuke, de_dust2, de_inferno, de_train, de_tuscan, de_cpl_mill, de_cpl_strike, de_prodigy, de_cbble, de_mirage, de_forge

If the captains don't agree on the map, they can ban the maps they don't like.

CT captain will start with removing 1 map, then the T captain will remove 2, CT captain 2, etc., until there will be only 1 map left. That map will be played.


1. Please be in the server in 10 minutes, You are not so important to wait for. Penalty of 25 points will follow if you are late. If You are more than 15 minutes late, You will be replaced and banned for 1 day. If You continue to no-show in matches, You will be banned for a longer period of time.
A replace has to be searched by the Captain; not doing so will lead to a 50 point penalty. If the captain can't find anyone within 5 minutes (after the 15 already) the game will be closed as a draw.

Please note that just being in server doesn't count, You have to be behind the PC and be able to play.

2. There are no stacks in this gather. The only way stacks are allowed is when BOTH captains agree so.

Replacing a player who is already in game is allowed ONLY when the captain of the opposite team and the player in game agree on it. This can be overlooked when someone is late with signing, but not more than 15 seconds after ".ready".

3. If the captains don't agree on stacks and You don't get in the same team with Your friend, then You still have to play the match. Starting to spam "replace me" or "I don't play with this team" will get You banned for at least 7 days. If the teams seem to be too unequal, please tell admins to overlook it and demote the problematic captain if needed.

4. Ego quitting is not allowed in any way or any instance, penalty of 100 points will occur. If You do this more than twice, You will get banned for 3 days. If You continue this behavior, then it's up to the admins to decide how long You should be away.

5. Taking into consideration of everyone"â„¢s nerves and wellbeing, please DO NOT yell, scream and whine in vent about every little mistake and do not try to teach in every round what to do in a whining style. A ban of 7 days will follow if You lack communication skills.

6. If Your team consists of international players (for example one from .fi, two from .ee and two from .lv), then You have to speak English ONLY in Ventrilo. Penalty of 50 points will occur at first, but if You continue to do this, You will get banned for 3 days. If You lack English speaking skills, then try to get in a game with someone from the same country who can translate what You say.

7. Team killing is not allowed in the spawn area and intentionally. A ban of 3 days will occur.

8. Giving information about Your players to the opposite team is not allowed. A ban of 3 days will occur.

9. Real nicks are optional, but if someone asks who You are, please be polite to tell.

10. Don't spam admins for a Leader, Censor, Voucher or an Admin. You will get promotions when admins are willing to give You one and have seen You play and communicate with others. Having a Leader means You have to know many of the players, to have the ability to put together equal teams. A ban of XXX (for the admin to decide) days will occur if you violate this rule.

11. Before typing in the result, please check which team won and which one lost and make sure You put in the right result. If someone types in a result before You, don't be stupid and write the same thing, check the last game and type the result after that. Win/lose statistics cannot be changed later and wrong results can be pretty harmful. Violation of this rule has a 50 point penalty.

12. If you have an urgent matter and have to leave, then you have to find someone to replace you. If you can't find a replacement, you will get a penalty of 20 points. During these situations the game can be paused for a maximum time of 5 minutes.

13. DO NOT invite players to another gathers, especially during the day/evening time, when people are playing the most. Nevertheless, you can do that at night when no games are on and there are few people online. Violation of this rule will lead to a 1 day ban.

14. If someone has vouched you with a wrong name, feel free to ask an admin to change it. Please note that changing your name is allowed only ONCE. If you start spamming a name change after it has been already done, you will get banned (for the admin to decide).

bot is from everest and hosted at digifest by nebulos

HF and GL !
PS! We may add or change the rules at any time so come back soon.

If you have any questions or problems just start a new thread in this forum.

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