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BANK mod

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BANK mod

ammo packid peaksid salvestuma, kui sa nad panka paned.

siin on osad commandid

proovige kas töötavad

*say commands*
deposit, send, store <amount/all> //deposites stated amount in bank account

withdraw, take, retrieve <amount/all> //retrieves stated amount from bank account

mybank, account, bank <blank/name of person> //if second parameter is left blank, states how many ap you have in your account
//if second parameter is specified it attempts to give a status on the said person's account

upgrade account //will give a warning about what a advanced account does, after which person must say "advanced account" again to advance

[Image: 76561197980478293.png]
Kuidas täpsemalt?

Kas konsooli "say deposit 5" või lihtsalt chatti "/deposit 5" ?
(29 Sep 2011, 18:44 )E.C Wrote: Kuidas täpsemalt?

Kas konsooli "say deposit 5" või lihtsalt chatti "/deposit 5" ?

See ei tööta hetkel.
[Image: 1394044967228.gif]
kahjuks jah.. loodetavasti saan next week arvuti korda. saan CSi ka ära fixida

[Image: 76561197980478293.png]
Ei usu.
[Image: 1394044967228.gif]
ei ole jah, pole töötavat leidnud

[Image: 76561197980478293.png]

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