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Post All Cheaters here!

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Post All Cheaters here!


There. Have fun Tongue_smile
Why should we have fun?

[html] I assume banning cheaters gives you a good feeling Tongue_smile Anyway, another one called Chicks|SenSaTion IP:
Speedhack, aimbot, and... well he shoots with the scout like it's a M4A1. [/html]
U got demos?: )
We can check from the

[Image: 76561197980478293.png]
[html] Yeah I got a demo... When I wrote the first post I used quick reply and tried to edit the demo in but I couldn't. Well here's the demo: [/html][br]File: asd.rar
Has someone checked that demo?
[html] Another cheater called SNiffaus... claims all the time he has nothing, superior stats and aimbot shakes...
Demo attached,?IP[/html][br]File: asd.rar [/html]

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