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Particle Illusion Transparancy

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Particle Illusion Transparancy

[html] Welcome to a new tutorial from X-Booze
In this guide I will tell you a few secrets on how you can some transparancy effects with Particle Illusion. Since this is a common asked question I tought it might be good to sum up the possibilities. There are 4 ways to do this depending on which result you want to have. Normally I post screenshots but this is pretty straight forward.

<span class="fet">
1. Importing clip directly into particle Illusion

Insert your "avi" file in Particle Illusion ( This can be your cs footage )
you can do this by rightclicking your layer window
then choose your footage <span class="fet">but beware</span> don't got above 1000 frames ( I mean make sure your avi file doesn't contain more than 1000 FPS ) for some odd reason if you add an avi with more than 1000 frames Particle Illusion won't load it.

<span class="fet">
2. Greenscreen/Bluescreen method
Make a Blue or green Background in Particle Illusion
This can be easily done by going to "VIEW" and then "Preferences" and choose BG color i'll give you the value's ( RGB stands for RED , GREEN and BLUE in case you didn't know this ) for the green and blue screening Method

Blue screen =
R 24
G 71
B 241

Green screen =
R 41
G 244
B 24

Now these are the Value's for Blue and green sceening so remeber got to view then preferences and select "BG COLOR" and give in these value's after you're done rendering go to vegas and choose " Chroma Keyer" In the " Video FX " window.
now pick the Preset that you want if you went for Blue Screen pick Blue Screen if you went for Green Screen pick Green Screen. Easy huh ?
also note ! If your Particle Illusion Effect has a lot of blue in it don't use BLUE SCREEN this also counts for the Green Screening if there is a lot of green in it don't go for Green screening
green or blue screening can give you also a wierd effect but it can look nice it's up to you what you think of it !

<span class="fet">3. Compositing Mode with vegas Method</span>

This is a method really like . Just render you output as you usually do. it will be black but that doesn't mather since this can give you some nice effects when you use vegas .
Now if you really want it to give a bit a transparant look then you should change your "compositing mode " in vegas to "Screen "or "Add" this will be a little bit sloppy because it's not 100% over the footage it just blends with the other footage . But it can give you a nice effect also if you want to have a Unique look try diffrent Compositing modes my favourites are "Hard Light" And "Multiply"

Now last but not least.

<span class="fet">
4. Alpha Channel Method</span>

Save them as TIF files ( Alpha Channel ) Select Remove black gb from RGB channels
and color model to RGB ( this should be all default )
Then instert it in vegas as "image sequence" and you're done.
This is probably the best method because your colors won't change like if you would work with Chromakeyer or with the compositing mode.

I hope you learned something from this guide and that I helped you to get one step further in moviemaking.

Peace out [/html]

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