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[html] The goal of this forum

This forum has been set up for a specific reason: to have fun and to help others to have fun?
Thank you,
- #.50C -


On this board we have some rules, the penalty for breaking a rule is a warning, after receiving 3 warnings the user will be permanently banned from the boards.

* Respect Yourself
* You must register before you may read the forum
* No flaming
* No spamming
* No warez
* No multiple accounts
* No ripping
* No hacks (All security discussions are allowed)
* No links to trojans, viruses, warez, adware, spyware, pop-up spammers, porn or other harmful and/or illegal files/documents

Important notices

There are some notices that don't classify as rules so there's no penalty but when they are constantly ignored, the user will be pointed at that.

* Questions are asked for a reason, if you don't have anything useful to say about it, say nothing

* Before you post look in the stickies or search the forum
* Don't talk about private stuff when you're not willing to share
* Stick to the topic
* Be specific when asking questions
* Concerning avatars:
o Avatars dimensions may not exceed web limits.
o No annoying animations
* Concerning signatures:
o File size maye not exceed web limits.
o Keep the image size small
o No annoying animations
* Always give credit
* Provide sufficient information when posting links or releasing something.
* Read the stickies

Internet Drama

I am fully aware of the fact that internet is serious business and that there are legions of internet battle to be fought. I know that spamming boards with endless arguments and flames is the very essence of the internet. I don't want to limit the internet in it's almighty greatness, but you can either behave here or GTFO. Save your epic internet battles for the steam forums. [/html]

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