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Full Version: Post All Cheaters here!
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[html] <span style="font-size: medium"><strong>You saw someone cheating around while there were no admins onile?</strong>
(Even though they are online a LOT)
Post it here.. OR contact us at <strong> </strong>@ Quakenet ! IRC (PM People with @ (op) who aren't away.

Though If you're reading this.. you should already post it here..

Post all the proof you can!


What did the cheater do?

IP if you can get it.

maybe try to record a small demo and upload it here?

What ever you can find.. all the proof is needed..

<strong>Just make a new thread for every cheater you want to report.</strong>
</span> [/html]


Pls bann him he is wallhack, speedhack and aimbot!!!!!

Next time use !

it's an online irc client..

go to channel -- this is where all the cs admins should hang out Smile

|NoVa| Jukka

plz ban player named Murokemisti using wh I dont have IP or eny video but he is wh!! bna him plzplzplz!!!!!!!!!
banned. was using wh. Screeshot Ban so he can protest if needed!
There's player named :.Hell0l<iTTI.: . I think he has wh. I dont say ban him, just spec him and do your decision.

Thanks for the tip.

If you should get some proof, demo/ss or whatever, make a new thread here.. Regular_smile
Ban xapek, using wallhack.

Didn't get IP but he's from Poland

Ban Macieok
Yes, Macieok is cheating, ban him. (just verifying Jape's post)
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