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Full Version: Soovid channelit?
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Channeli nimi: Anthony+ jututuba
Sinu Teamspeaki nimi: Anthony+
Algne parool: Anthony
Channeli nimi: Robi urg.
Sinu Teamspeaki nimi: robi.
Algne parool: noobid
Channeli nimi: Surkad.
Sinu Teamspeaki nimi: Rockstar
Algne parool: 123456
Postitage siis kes uut kanalit soovib endale..
Channeli nimi: Pärnu Poisid
Sinu Teamspeaki nimi: Zessi
Algne parool: tervist

Done by gÏ"¡Ã‘"š.
Channeli nimi: Skillerix
Sinu Teamspeaki nimi: Diesel
Algne parool: Passenger

Done by gÏ"¡Ã‘"š.
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